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It combines manipulations from different schools, so it can be considered holistic. It includes body, foot and facial massage. Their techniques range from the superficial to the deeper tissues facilitating general relaxation and muscle relaxation, in order to achieve a body-mind-spirit integration. It is not a linear massage of rigid techniques, but it adapts to the needs of the client, being considered personalized. It is also called anti-stress. It is a complete regenerator and eliminates toxic waste accumulated in the body

(指圧, Shiatsu? From the Japanese 指 (Shi), finger, 圧 (Atsu) pressure) It’s a traditional therapy original from Japan, based on the precised pressure applied with the therapist’s fingers and hand palms on the patient. There isn’t any presence of oil and it’s done with loose clothes. It helps maintaining and promoting health and it also contributes the cure of specific illnesses.

Their techniques are not very deep, of short amplitude and high speed. Eliminates toxins and relaxes after sports activity. It rebalances, regulates and tones the organism. It provides the feeling of lightness and harmony.

It’s a deep and stretching massage, this type of massage is performed on the floor and the patient dressed with loose confortable clothes which allow the proper movements. There is no oil use, and it’s a sequence of pressure on specific points, circular compressions, articular mobilizations, stretching and reflected stimulation. All this is enchained to a regular rhythm, where the therapist’s breathing harmonizes with the patient’s. the massage is applied from the toes all the way to the skull, its main purpose is to eliminate toxins, liberating Qi(energy) as well as harmonizing, giving an optimum flow, stimulating the patient’s full body energy and equilibrating the functions of the body’s 4 elements.

It’s the practice of stimulating points on the feet (called reflexive zones), based on a creed of having a benefit on another part of your body or general health. The therapist applies pressure on a patient’s foot, which is divided in a certain number of reflective zones corresponding to all the body parts. It helps obtaining vital energy, stimulating the immune system, creating a stronger body and a smoother mind flow.