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It is a philosophy, a science, an art and a manual therapy whose purpose is to restore the tissue mobilities and the functional balance of the person stimulating their natural selfhealing forces, for it is part of a listening and a global approach. The ultimate goal of Osteopathy is to allow the patient to harmonize in the five structure-function models: neurological, vascular-respiratory, biomechanical, biopsychosocial and bioenergetic. The osteopath does not treat diseases, but people, it also evaluates all the functional imbalances of the patient and interrelates some systems with others, returning all the functionality lost at the structural, visceral, cranial, emotional and nutritional levels.

Their techniques are not very deep, of short amplitude and high speed. Eliminates toxins and relaxes after sports activity. It rebalances, regulates and tones the organism. It provides the feeling of lightness and harmony.

It is also a relaxing massage, although for specifically therapeutic purposes. It encompasses a series of massage techniques that are used in the treatment of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorders, facilitating the elimination of toxins, activating the blood and lymphatic circulation and improving the oxygen supply to the tissues. It provides relaxation and well-being. It helps to recover and / or maintain health.

It combines manipulations from different schools, so it can be considered holistic. It includes body, foot and facial massage. Their techniques range from the superficial to the deeper tissues facilitating general relaxation and muscle relaxation, in order to achieve a body-mind-spirit integration. It is not a linear massage of rigid techniques, but it adapts to the needs of the client, being considered personalized. It is also called anti-stress. It is a complete regenerator and eliminates toxic waste accumulated in the body